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Tips on how to reduce spam and email with malware content

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

There are 2 things you can do to reduce spam and email with a virus.

You can configure some settings at the endpoint (your pc) level or you start the protection at the email server.

The first option is to configure some settings at the endpoint. In this example we are going to use outlook 2007 to show you where we can configure the settings.

This can be done by following the 10 tips on how to reduce spam.

A lot of organizations are using the email server that the domain registrar (for example godaddy, networksolutions, etc.) provided to them. While using the email server of the registrar is convenient, their email server does not filter out spam and viruses.

The drawback on this method is that you are relying that the outlook and your antivirus solution is updated and capable to block the malware from executing its content.

This means your pc/pc’s needs to be updated with all the required updates of the operating system that you are using, updates of all the programs that you are using, (office, java, adobe flashplayer to name a few, an educated user that can recognize spam and email with suspicious content so he/she click and open those emails, and finally the antivirus program and anti malware program that you are using to protect you in case the content of the email gets executed.

A better option is to start the protection at the email server.

The office365 plan, which uses the Exchange Online Protection (EOP), provides 98% protection against spam and 100% protection against all known viruses.

One drawback of the Office 365 E3 plan is that it leaves the organization exposed to unknown malware — also known as zero-day threats. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

To increase the protection against spam email you either use the 5 Star Technology managed email solution or you can use the Office365 E5 plan which both scans for hidden treads in email, attachments and links. The managed email solution of 5 Star Technology does provide additional features and even an alternative way to view email when the office365 outages occur. The managed email is part of 5 Star Technology’s layered security model, which will be outlined in another article.

If you have switched to the Office365 plans, you still have to customize the system and the EOP to your organization’s configuration specifications to further reduce spam and malware.

The options on which you can customize your settings are:

Exchange Online Protection – IP Block List

Exchange Online Protection – International SPAM

Exchange Online Protection – Content Filter Advanced Options

Exchange Online – Mail Flow – Rules

As with any IT solution although the initial standard implementation may be easy, there may be some additional configuration and maintenance to be done behind the scene. You need a Certified IT Professional to help you install, configure, and monitor the solution that you want to use.

Contact 5 Star Technology to help you with your IT infrastructure.

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