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Email security tools and products addons to the Exchange Online Protection Plans

In the past we published an article on our company’s Linkedin page on making your business email more secure, available and resilient.

Many companies, including the SMB’s on Curaçao, which are either moving or have already moved to Office365, are under the impression that their current subscription of Office365 does protect them against all email born threats and therefore won’t need our email protection services.

The standard Exchange Online Protection plans of Office365 business and even the Office365 E1 and E3 plans do not protect against advance threats.

The standard Exchange Online Protection does protect your email against spam, malware, and known threats while the advanced email threats are defined as to protect your organization against sophisticated threats such as phishing and zero-day malware and automatically investigate and remediate attacks.

The Advance email threats are categorized as the services that provides:

· Safe Attachments

· Safe Links

· Anti-phishing policies

Nowadays organizations need a solution that provides more services then just scanning attachments for a known virus or the service to check if the sender is known as a spammer. In addition to the before mentioned services a modern based email security system needs to be able to scan the content of the email itself too.

Using the examples mentioned above:

  • Safe Attachments: The attached pdf may contain a virus. The attached pdf may exploit a vulnerability in acrobat reader.

  • Safe Links: The link within the email is pointing to a known malicious website.

  • Anti-phishing policies: The content of the email is designed to gather personal information of the user.

Our email service is designed to help protect organizations against spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, spear phishing, social engineering attacks, impersonation, spoofing, business email compromise, and other email-borne threats. The service can be deployed in front of the Exchange Online Protection plan as well and with this combination of services (our email security solution and the Office365 business plan) you have an affordable way to bolster the native security and reliability of Office365.

It’s worth to mention that beside bolstering the email security of Office365 our email security solution also can be used for:

  • Encrypted Email Archiving: Which can be used when the organization need to restore an accidentally deleted message or show evidence during the e-discovery portion of an audit or lawsuit.

  • Email Continuity Service: Since business interruptions due to email server outages or downtime could end up costing you and your customers time and revenue your organization should consider this service as well.

In summary, contact us if your organization interested in the following:

  • Preventing email attacks

  • Keeping the employees productive with built-in 24/7 email continuity

  • Maintaining email for the long run with robust encrypted email archiving

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