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Essential Web Protection Strategies for Network Security Enhancement

Updated: Feb 29

In the following post we are going to analyze how not controlling employee web access presents various risks and costs.


We will first summarize 4 items that businesses need to consider when there is no control in place to monitor web access and the solutions to remedy these issues..


Security Risks:

  • Employees visiting unsafe sites can expose the company to malware and other exploits.

  • Lack of protection against phishing attacks and malicious websites.

  • Increased risk of watering hole attacks and compromised endpoints.

  • Higher chance of unauthorized data exfiltration.

Productivity Loss:

  • Non-work internet usage slows down employees, reducing productivity.

  • Excessive personal browsing, especially during holidays, costs the company money.

  • Customer service and employee performance suffer due to distractions.

Bandwidth Issues:

  • Essential business operations like backups and cloud services are hindered by non-essential internet use.

  • Increased costs for added bandwidth to support unnecessary usage.

Legal Issues:

  • Potential external liability for illegal activities conducted on the company network.

  • Internal liability from enabling inappropriate content access, leading to harassment claims.

In a future post we will go into detail for each of the items.


 The practical solutions to remedy the above-mentioned items include:

  • Monitoring and measuring internet traffic and usage.

  • Implementing web categorization and visibility into encrypted traffic.

  • Setting network rules based on user, group, or device.

  • Using advanced firewall and proxy server technologies to control access and activities on sites like social media.

  • Establish a clear internet access policy within the company.

  • Implementing web protection through Unified Threat Management systems or Managed Workstation solutions.

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