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Office365 Backup

Nowadays a lot of companies, including the Curaçao SMB’s, are moving the email platform to the Microsoft Office365 environment. One of the primary reasons to move to the email platform of Microsoft is to free up the organization from the hassles of managing the physical exchange server and the add-ons products to monitor the exchange server health, the backup and recovery processes for the exchange server and the product the organization from spam, phishing and virus attacks.

However moving to Office365, or any cloud-based solution for that matter, does not remove the responsibility of the data to the cloud service provider. The owner of the data is still the organization and therefore the organization is still responsible for its recoverability.

Our backup solution for the Office365 environment includes backup for the following products:

· Protection against Office 365 Exchange email, calendars, and contacts data loss.

· Protection against Office 365 OneDrive and SharePoint data.

Why do you need a backup solution.

You need a backup solution in the following cases.

  • Accidental data deletion: just in case something is accidentally deleted and not discovered right away, it can be gone and unrecoverable.

  • Retention gaps: The Exchange data is still available, searchable, and recoverable, even if an employee leaves and their subscription is deactivated.

  • Internal threats: If someone maliciously deletes data and then quietly waits for the recycle bin time to expire.

  • External threats: If a virus has caused data to be deleted, and the recycle bin has been emptied, the only way you can save the day is by restoring from an external third-party backup.

  • Legal and compliance requirements: Legal issues may require in-place or litigation holds on data which are only available in E3 and higher editions of Office365.

  • Customers’ experience: If you have your own backup solution in place, you’re in control when you can restore the data.

  • Costs: The combination of an E1 or lower subscription and an external backup solution can be a powerful money-saving alternative.

Our backup solution helps to complement and extend the basic data protection offered by Microsoft and therefor reduce the data protection risks for your organization.

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