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The Growing Value of IT in the Business

As digital technology transformed the life of the employee, it has also caused sweeping changes in IT. The role of the Information Technology professionals has expanded both in responsibility and complexity.

A decade or 2 ago emails were the primary method of communication and IT Professionals were responsible for the in-house ICT infrastructure. Implementing and maintaining email security was the primary focus for organizations to protect themselves against hackers since this the preferred method to get a foothold in the organization was to spread viruses through email. The other responsibilities of the system administrators were related to performance monitoring and maintenance tasks of the on-premises servers and workstations.

As technology kept evolving, we have entered the Digital Age.

Technology is a driving force in today’s business, regardless of industry and organizations are going to become more reliant on it.

Companies are now inclined to implement newer technologies. They either invest in their in-house network infrastructure and services or they implement cloud services like infrastructure as a service, Software as a service, etc.

The combination of using newer technologies and using cloud servers instead of the local network infrastructure also means that the IT Professionals have more responsibilities. We all know Spider-man’s phrase: With great power comes great responsibility.

It is a great time for IT Pros to learn, adapt and integrate these new technologies in order to guide organizations during these exciting times.

Digital technology has also transformed the life of the employee as well. In the past employees were working on location, using 1 device that was at their office.

Today employees they can work remotely from anywhere in the world via the internet by using smart phones and laptops. In the case meetings are required they can use camera’s and online collaboration tools to conduct video conferences.

A complex IT environment also means there are more specialized teams in infrastructure and operations, development, support, security, and so on. It is more important than ever that each discipline of IT understands the way their strategy fits into the business plan for technology and how to align technology with the company’s business plan.

Technology will continue to evolve, and organizations are going to become more reliant on it.

5 Star Technology:

It is the task of a responsible IT Services company in Curacao to be proactive and anticipate changes in technology, to boost the customers productivity , to secure the customers network environment and guide organizations on implementing the appropriate technologies to support the company’s business plan.

Our IT Services focus on being prepared for change with the people and practices to support rapidly changing technology—from understanding the availability, scalability, and security of new technologies to engaging stakeholders on a recurring basis to assess where the organization is and where it is headed.

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